The majority of parking lots are paved with asphalt due to its flexibility, strength and low cost.  

In combination with a proper sub-grade, asphalt materials form a monolithic surface of long lasting life.  

The expected life can be sustained with proper routine maintenance.  Where life span is compromised by poor initial construction and or post construction use, repairs are required. Site drainage issues and damage by site users also shorten the intended life.  Asphalt overlays can be an intermediate step to full depth replacement or used more frequently as a wearing surface replacement.  In mill and overlay applications, the existing surface must be in good enough shape to support the weight of a milling machine and dump trucks.  

Line Card

  • Overlays, mill and overlay

  • Remove and replace asphalt

  • Patch, full depth, infrared

  • Seal coat

  • Crack sealing

  • Cleaning

  • Striping

  • New construction, lot and private roadway